Wednesday, March 14, 2018

6th year

After attending 2 of YY's bro wedding, I can't help but to reminiscing my own wedding.

If there is any aspect that can be done better. If i would do anything differently. Will the whole event be better manager.

Looking at the 2 bros wedding, deep down, i cant help but to Thank God that He saw us through the whole planning and sent so many angels to help out in the whole wedding.

I look at so many weddings, i do envy the new designs of wedding gowns. The colours and decoration, the clearer photos taken and the trends now. But during my own, i was glad i got many different people to involve and experience it and i really enjoyed the whole process.

One area was to have my MIL involved, to have my sister involved, to have many closed friends being part of. Ask me, i really wont want it to be done in any other way.

The only regret was photos were not taken enough. Given a chance i really would want to have an individual pic with every single one. To be able to know that everyone who make the effort to attend the wedding means so much to me.

Maybe age is catching up, or because being a mother of 2, i dont get to enjoy life as the past, getting a little sentimental.

Nessa Yeo

It had been a very exciting and challenging period for us. Nessa arrived into this world for a good 13 month!

I always wondered, if i had not bring forward the appointment, would Nessa's arrival be different? Will she be sharing the same birthday as her grandpa and yiyi?

I dont know, i guess, in life there are some regrets and for me, this is one. What are the chances of having the grandfather and granddaughter sharing the same birthday? I thought that would be pretty cool!

But that's something i cannot change now.

Back to reality, she has been an awesome baby. Eating well, motor skills developed so much faster as compared to the sister. But she can be quite a hand sometimes!

I missed being around for her all day long!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Nessa Birth

Fast forwards, 9 months passed. 36 weeks flew by in a blink of an eye.

We were all in the mood for CNY still. Nessa was pretty awesome, knew that her mummy wanna enjoy the festive food first, despite the contractions that i encountered from 35 weeks onward and she was lying pretty low, we lasted till 37 weeks.

To be honest, this CNY was pretty nerve wrecking as we have that constant fear that i might go into labour at any point of time. However, it turns out Nessa loves mummy alot that she allows me to enjoy food first.

On the eve of CNY, i went for my routine checkup, and was scheduled for the next visit 1 week later. However, being 7th day of CNY, we supposed to have dinner with Hui Juan Gugu and all, i wanted to go see Doc John then followed by dinner, but the thought of having to watch Nellie alone was no fun. So i decided to push the appointment 1 day ahead.

Knowing that labour day was drawing near, i make plans to clean up punggol before delivering. But lo and behold, Doc John told me, i already dilated. It was 2cm, i could wait till following Mon. Which was the 6 of Feb. But if not for the husband travelling for work, i really would have choose to deliver that day.

The other option was to induce her out. And so, that was the decision. I was told to admit into the hospital the next day for induction. It was pretty exciting as i didnt had this with Nellie. It was the last day Nellie being the only child left, and quickly promoted to be an elder sister.

The next morning, i send Nellie to school, with the last time that she gets all the attention to herself.

The hubs and I then went for my last 'Supper' before i dont get to eat again.

Not a very fanciful breakfast, but i could not eat much either, so since this is the hubs fav food. We just settle for it.

The clinic called and ask me to go in to see Doc John before admitting into the suite. So quickly had our breakfast, drove to Clara office and passed her some APs for distribution, before heading down to Gleneagles.

Went straight into the clinic and Doc John another check, and shared that the dilation is progressing, from the mere 2cm, now is almost 3cm. Without much hesitation, we went to the hospital delivery suite and get myself warded.

After filling up the forms and getting changed, in a span of about 30mins, we saw Dr John pooping by. And very quickly, he burst my water bag and *ouchs*, a gush of water came dripping out of me.

Next i was to clear my bowels with that not so fantastic gel that went into me. *shudders*

Oh, did i mentioned that while all this procedures were done, i was in the waiting room instead of the delivery suite.

But i really would prefer Gleneagles, the nurse was so nice, so allowed me to shower and wash myself up after the water flowed. Next was to inject myself with antibiotics and whatever drip, when we were done, finally the delivery suite was available, and instead of being wheeled there, Doc asked for me to slowly walk there. And i was pretty thankful for the walk as it eased the contractions slightly. Upon reaching the suite, i chose to sit instead of lying down as lying down intensified the pain. Before long, i felt my threshold was running low, and with this time, i was determined to not use epidural, i asked for pethidine. The nurse informed that the effect will only kick in 20 mins later, and if i want epidural later, i may not have enough time. With only determination in me, i bucked up my courage and said no to epidural.

After injecting the jab, barely 10mins later, i felt so drowsy and sleepy. With the pain slightly elevated, i napped. I remembered the time i slept was about 4pm, as i wanted to watch TV.

A nagging dull pain and some chattering sound aroused me up from my sleep. I heard the husband talking on the phone and telling the nurse i slept for about over an hour. Not long after, i woke up.

I check my surrounding and the time, it was about 530pm. The nurse came in, before i know anything the pain took over me, and my mind just went blank for awhile. I remembered asking for some ice, to distract myself from the contractions. And the nurse warned that i better not push as i might lacerate myself if i had not dilate fully. She quickly put me down as the pain was so bad and the urge to push was so strong i sat up, she checked my dilation. She mentioned that i was only somewhere 7 to 8cm dilated, so i am not to push. Now come to think of it, i probably was close to 10cm dilated.

She informed that Doc John is on the way and would probably need another 10 mins or so before he arrived. And prior to his arrival, i am not to push but to bear with the pain. I wanted to scold, but nothing could come out of my mouth. Time check 5.40pm.

Dr John came running in and getting dressed while i was told to lie down. He gave the green light that i can start pushing, he then started to wash me and i heard a snip. But the pain was so unbearable, i couldnt feel what he had done. I started pushing, and just kept pushing. The hub told me, carry on, he can see the baby's head already, baby has a full head of hair. And before i know it, Nessa arrived.

Time Born : 1802hrs
Length : 49cm
Weight : 3116gm

Totally in love with this cutie!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hong Kong 2016

Our very long awaited trip!

Nellie first flight trip!

And its to Hong Kong!

I really thank God, Nellie was behaving awesomely throughout the whole flight! She ate, she drew, she slept and she also saw the magnificent view of the sky!

Just before the plane took off!

As much as she was in awe, so am i!

Because travelling with a toddler is not simple, hence, keeping her schedule as in tact as possible, we chose a flight that coincides with her nap time half way into flying and not too much disruption to it.

Arriving in Hong Kong, weather forecast was a little dampening as it reported that it could be raining over the next few days. And we arrived to a gloomy weather, but, it didn't spoil our days too far.

Upon checking in to the hotel, we set off to have our lunch!

The size of the hotel has nothing much to shout about, you just cant have 2 person standing at any 1 point in time, is a sure move to spark some argument as you sure will bump unto each other.

Nellie turned in pretty early that night, given that she is in a brand new place, on a brand new bed, in a brand new environment for the next few days

Day 2

We didnt want to visit Disneyland on a weekend and squeeze, clash with the Chinese Nationals as it so happen to be the golden week.

Thus, we headed for a must eat dim sum breakfast and Tao Hiang. The must do in Hong Kong. The food was only a 5/10 as some of the food didnt turn out to be fantastic. But nonetheless, its a must do in Hong Kong, hence, a tick off our list.

After breakfast, as we were contemplating to go back to hotel to let Nellie sleep, or to carry on with Shopping. We decided with the latter.

Lo and Behold, first shopping stop was Langham Place, not a place for families, nothing much to sweep off the shop for kids. Not even H & M, much less to speak about of their Uniqlo.

And right passed noon, we went to this Argly Center. It was decent place for people who are generally looking for cheap thrills and not going for anything branded.

The guys were rotting by some places, and while the ladies combed the whole building for clothes.

The guys also had a mouth watering cold noodle, not something i fancy, but the husband loves it! That he had to buy 3 packets to satisfy his needs on it.

And after that, back to hotel. Sean got us a packet of hand shredded chicken, it was awesome! Or probably we were too hungry to even think anything else, so we wiped out that 1 and a half chicken.

After that, as much as we were supposed to go for dinner, but Nellie was not putting the best behaviour and hence, we got confined to hotel, while the rest went out for dinner. Thankfully, dinner was nothing to shout about, and again, Nellie was tired, barely 8pm, she got knocked out. Thats partly a good news for me, as we get ready for our most anticipated highlight of the trip, DISNEYLAND!

Day 3

Morning, we went for a breakfast that i actually have no idea but it turns out to be pretty good, with very decent price.

But! After buying the single trip to Disneyland, i felt my breakfast was so much more worthwhile.
The price for a single ticket journey trip to Disneyland was 37 HKD, which was also exactly how much it cost for 1 person's breakfast. Heart bleed.

As we boarded the train to Disneyland, Nellie was tremendously thrilled!

Look at the window of the train, it was also in the shape of Mickey Mouse! That makes the little princess sooo excited! Everything on the train was a preview of what we saw inside.

Nellie couldnt contained her joy, beaming from ear to ear.

As we arrived at the entrance of Disneyland, Nellie went gaga over the characters.

Very quickly, to not further delay the trip, we went in! And man, it was huge!

The weather forecast reported thunder will be upon Hong Kong, but Thank God! The weather was more than just awesome, it was fantastic! Though i got burned.

Not to prolong the wait, Nellie saw the rides at Tomorrowland, and since it was not as scary, very quickly, we went to queue for our first ride! And Nellie was happy!

Very quickly, we moved on to a few more rides, and not forgetting to catch 4D theatre shows and a parade.

We ended the visit with a lunch, that was pretty much like a semi fine dining and some shopping of merchandise.

At the merchandise shop, Nellie really melted my heart. We asked if she wanted a mickey mouse bowl and the colour that she wanted, though i already expected she wanted yellow. And we asked if you wanna get one for your sister too.

without giving it 2nd thought, she insisted that we buy for Mei Mei too! And it must be same set as hers, except a different colour. I thought she would insist that its only for her or that mei mei is too small to use. But instead she insisted that we get for Mei Mei too. And when asked, if there is anything else that she wants to get, she plainly told us, no, its too expensive, all she wanted was just a mickey mouse biscuits. I was very wrenched. My little princess is sooo sensible.

We got what she wanted before making our way back. And then to a maggi mee shop for dinner.

And we called it a day.

Day 4 - Final Day

We didnt want to cramp pack the last day, hence, very much OTOT.

The rest wanted to venture out further, but we chose to stay in. So we went for a mouth watering breakfast. Dim Dim Sum, well raved by alot of people. And true to it, food was good, milk tea was even more awesome! Just as i am typing away, i totally missed it!

Then had some last minute shopping at the supermarket, again, Nellie insisted that she want to get some biscuits for her grandparents to share, My heart was once again very moved by the thoughts this little girl has.

And after which, we headed to airport to finish up some last minute shopping and back to Singapore!

This whole trip taught me a few precious thoughts.

When bringing toddler for overseas trip, dont over-do your itinerary, is not gonna do anyone good.

Go places that are attractive for them

And really, its a trip to purely just spend time with the kid alone.

Nellie was awesome! And darling, if you ever read this post, please know that mummy and daddy enjoyed your company and was so proud of you! Please grow up that way and be a blessing to people around you!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

2nd Pregnancy

A very overdue post.

After hoping and praying for a pretty long time, we finally conceive our number 2.

The journey of carrying this little fella was nowhere near easy. When we first saw the 2 faint lines, i didnt want to carry my hopes too high, as it was so faint, you really could barely see it. We very quickly arrange for our appointment with Doc John and he confirmed the pregnancy.

I remember at somewhere between 4 to 5 weeks old, i started spotting. On the first day, i thought it could be just some early pregnancy symptoms . I still remember the first day was on a Wednesday.

On Thursday, while working in office, i started to bleed, a little more than the day before. I was hesitating if I should see doc as Doc John was not in town. Dropped the husband a text, and he wanted me to go in to the clinic immediately. I called the clinic, make an appointment with the stand-in Doc. Settled my work and took the rest of the day off. I took a cab down, feeling pretty nervous and fearful. When i arrived at the clinic, though there were few patients, the doc was nowhere fast nor urgent to see me. I waited for a close to 45 mins before seeing him.

He did an internal check, and mentioned that he could see the sac, but he could not detect the heartbeat of the baby, if i had given the dates correctly, the baby should be into the 6th week gestation. And by then, the heartbeat is formed.

He further check and saw the spot where i was bleeding, he gave me options, he will try to stop the bleeding, but in his opinion and years of experience, i was starting to miscarry this little precious one.

I was trying so hard to fight back my tears and keeping my composure at the same time. He offered me a few suggestions, either i do a D & C now or tomorrow, or to wait a couple more days and let Doc John examine me again. Meanwhile, he prescribed me some hormonal pills and send me back.

I went back with an extremely heavy heart, while in the cab, tears was almost rolling down my cheek. I didnt know what to do. It was an extremely painful time.

I didnt even had any appetite for lunch, and all i could do was to bawl my eyes out. Praying and asking why must it be me again.

I cried myself to sleep that afternoon.

I remember that night i stumbled about the husband phone's text with the MIL.

He texted her and kept her informed of the miscarriage and further warn them not to speak with me about the baby.

That night seemed so long.

I went to work on Fri and i was supposed to be in Malacca, celebrating the husband's birthday but we decided we should give it a miss. And we wanted to seek the 2nd opinion if we could keep the baby, hence, we waited for Doc John's return.

27 Jun 16

The day came, i was to return to the clinic to see doc John. We didnt even had any mood to even hold any celebration, our hearts were very heavy.

It was my turn to see Doc John. We went in, he did an internal test, he said he saw something flickering but he cant be sure as the ultrasound, could not picked the heartbeat. I was sent home with more hormonal pills and bedrest.

29 Jun

It was 2nd review for the week, to further confirm if the baby was doing well. And to our relief, he finally picked the heartbeat. And the pregnancy was still not stable but at least, we saw a glimpse of hope. We held on to the belief that this the miracle baby and he/she will survive.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Nellie's 3rd Birthday

It had been 3 years, filled with lots of ups and downs, filled with lots of laughters and tears.

My beloved princess is now 3 years old!

We held a simple celebration for Nellie with family and some close friends. Had a time of bbq and bought a simple agar agar cake for her through  Cake Story.

My heart is just so fill with love and gratitude from these people who showered unconditional love upon Nellie.

Nellie, if ever a day you get to stumble upon this post, please know that deep down in Daddy and Mummy's heart, we both love you loads. This past 3 years, you showed us how to enjoy life to the fullest. We may not the perfect parents, however, we are trying our best to provide the best that we know how. And we really pray that you will grow up to be a happy girl, always so filled with love, joy and peace!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nellie's Hospitalization

As the title says it all, Nellie was admitted to the hospital for the first time due to an illness.

This experience was really not for the faint hearted.

She was down with a fever since 14 Mar, but this fever only will rise when she is sleeping, and during the day, she is still as active, however she was also having quite a bit of dry cough. So it didnt occurred to me to send her to see a doc, and not to mention, she just seen a doc about 10 days ago, concerning her bronchitis, which already cost us a bomb.

So we or rather I was trying to be the doctor at home and tried to self medicate her. However, after taking few days of cough syrup, completing 1 bottle, she was not improving, in fact it was kind of worsening. So came Mon, we kept her at home, and she skip school!

Tue came, her fever was not going away, she was coughing more regularly. We were then deciding to send her back to the same PD, go to a new GP (bearing in mind that the PD visit already blow us away), or just head down to Mount A and admit her since she was not recovering.

After much consideration, we decide to head down to Mount A. And we went somewhere in the evening after dinner. Nellie was still as active. We saw the doc at the 24hrs clinic and he told me, it was nothing serious, just a mere upper respiratory infection, it doesn't warrant an admission, nonetheless, i insist and so she was admitted. I thank God we admitted her and sought a 2nd opinion. The PD came, and we were told that she was actually having a chest infection and requires her to be on antibiotics, as well as to conduct Xrays and blood test to further confirm what was exactly bothering her. It was closed to 10pm when we were sent to the ward, and close to 12am after all the procedures. My heart was so wretched when we heard her loud cries when the doctor inserted the cannula.We were seriously worn out.

During the night, as much as i guess that she probably not going to sleep well, at 2am, a patient that finished operation was wheeled in, lo and behold, the porter actually bumped unto our bed. And i was up. Shortly not long later, someone in the next bed, woke up crying, and so does my poor princess.

Next morning came, we were sent down to complete the xrays. And that afternoon, the results were back. The films showed that my poor princess' lungs were somehow filled with phlegm. And she is requires to stay for at least 4 days to complete her treatment. That was only a Tuesday.

And fast forward, we were finally discharged on Sat. And the princess gets to go home to her toys and i get to go back to my bed! Like finally!

But the story doesn't just there.

On Mon, when we went back for review, the poor girl caught a new virus, and there we go again, back to the hospital.

Shortly after settling down in the hospital, she began to start running high fever. There goes her appetite. And there goes my sleep.

She was once again, given the drips and various treatments, but as we were about to discharge, she was down with stomach flu.

All in all, she was warded for 11 days. or even more. I lost count.

Definitely not for faint hearted parents!